Signed Singing

res (6)Harmoneyes are an award winning Signed Singing duo who have been performing together for the past five years and have performed at the O2 Arena in London, the LG Arena in Birmingham, the Liverpool Echo Arena, Hull City Hall, Sheffield City Hall, Jersey Opera House and Wembley Arena.

Harmoneyes have a passion for signing songs and making music accessible to everyone, and translate songs into a visual medium for Deaf people, we give participants of our groups access to another language and rather than tell them that is the way to sign a song, we work with the students and let them develop their talent. The outcome is always amazing to see.res (7)

“Working with the youngsters is extremely exciting for Harmoneyes because we are enabling them to enjoy themselves and to see the smiles on their faces when they have nailed a performance is so rewarding”, explains Simon, Director, “It will help us increase Deaf Awareness on a massive scale and make life a little bit easier for Deaf people in the long run and also involves a lot of fun for the children who we are working with”.

Signed singing is not only for Deaf people though, when hearing people see our performances, they are spellbound by the beauty of the story told with our hands, it takes the story of a song to a whole different level.

res (8)Harmoneyes are also currently working with their choirs in preparation for their 2016 concert performances throughout the UK and also their third venture into Signing Choir Competition at the Jersey Eisteddfod in November 2016. In 2017, Harmoneyes are hoping to host the first Signing Choir Competition on UK soil.

As a general rule, Choir members are taught a song from a Deaf perspective, first learning the beat/rhythm with the teacher mouthing the words, and without any music playing. This is what seeing someone sing a song for the first time is like for a Deaf person, especially one who has little or no concept of sound.res (9)

Along with a couple of additional simple teaching and learning tools, this process is repeated a few times to give students the feel of the song/music, before moving onto the next stage of learning and appreciating the song.