Deaf Awareness

Deaf Awareness Training

Your organisation probably has Deaf customers, clients or visitors and you are looking for training for yourself, or colleagues, who may have contact with deaf people.

Harmoneyes have many years experience training adults and children in further education, schools, businesses and the community. Although we work within a general framework for our courses, we always tailor the content to meet your precise needs so you will be able to meet the challenges of your job, and contact deaf people, quickly and easily. Tell us what you need.

We follow a professional ethos and encourage a positive, can–do attitude to motivate people to change what they do.

We are passionate about achieving our goals and providing quality, inspiring and innovative Awareness and Equality training / consultancy.

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Feel free to download our BSL fingerspelling chart

At the end of our Deaf Awareness session the participants will: (Learning Outcomes):

• Understand the diversity of deafness and hearing loss.
• Quote the numbers of deaf people in the UK.
• List a range of communication methods used by deaf people.
• Describe a range of environmental and other factors that can affect communication.
• Define discrimination and list the barriers to communication and information commonly experienced by deaf people.
• State how these barriers can be overcome through technological aids and personal knowledge.
• Experience different forms of communication support and know how to arrange a booking.
• Carry out a conversation with a deaf person using clear speech and communication skills.

We are able to tailor make our courses to match the requirements of your business, contact us for further details.